Welcome to the 30th RCC Rottemerenmarathon on 10th September 2017
(Record time 1.23.02)

Dear Paddlers,

On Sunday 10th september, we challenge you to come and improve your time for the Rottemeren marathon or, if you're a newcomer, record your first time.

The race will take you along the river Rotte to the Rottemeren lake and back again. There are no portages but this very popular marathon has ample challenges and plenty of tactical opportunities for making a break.

In 2013, the Bruno Janis trophy was presented to Joep van Bakel who set the fastest time yet. The names of anyone who improves on the record will be engraved on the trophy: if you improve on te RCC marathon time, then you'll know where you stand with respect to your predecessors!



Earlier recordwinners include:

1.23.30 Laurens Pannecoucke (B)
1.24.10 Edwin de Nijs 2003 (NL)
1.25.07 Edwin de Nijs 2002 (NL)
1.27.07 Tony Benschop 1992 (NL)
1.31.23 Raymond Jansen 1996 (NL)
1.31.57 Patrick Debucke 1994 (B)
1.33.03 Bruno Jannis 1989 (B)
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Start K2


Start marathon


End of timekeeping


Presentation of prizes


After Party


Boat categories
The Rottemerenmarathon is open for all categories of canoes and kayaks.

Advance inscription is wanted. On the day of the marathon, inscription is possible between 10:00 and 12:00.

Entry fee
Competition class >18years: 10,00 euro
Competition class <18years: 5,00 euro

We look forward to seeing you on the 10th September 2017.


For the organisers;
Ivo Vrouwe


Entry form:






De RCC Rottemerenmarathon wordt georganiseerd door de Rotterdamsche Cano Club ©2017